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Physical Therapy in Coconut Creek

Align Your Spine Offers Physical Therapy Treatments

Physical Therapy Align Your Spine Chiropractic Life Center

Dr. Jordan Mastronardi utilizes proven physical therapy treatments to improve function. Align Your Spine Chiropractic Life Center is Coconut Creek’s choice for combining chiropractic and physical therapy to get the best results. We aim to combine chiropractic care with physical therapy treatments to promote proper movement and alignment of your back, neck and spine.

If you have suffered an injury and live with chronic pain, it may be time to consider physical therapy. Our well-trained staff have served Coconut Creek for decades and are ready to help you enjoy your life without pain.

Physical Therapy Techniques at Align Your Spine

Align Your Spine uses various physical therapy techniques to treat your pain at the source. We work with each patient to find out what your difficulties are and what we can do to get your body mechanics functioning normally again. Whether you have suffered an auto accident or endure chronic back pain, we have state-of-the-art treatments to improve your body’s biomechanics, which turns into better health and less pain. Our techniques include:

  • Custom posture blueprint exercises
  • Muscle therapy techniques to release and normalize muscle tone
  • Therapeutic exercises and stretches to build strength and mobility
  • Lifestyle modification counseling and ergonomic training to prevent further injury
  • Chiropractic spinal adjustments to promote better nerve function and spinal movement
  • Various modalities, including ultrasound, e-stim, hydrotherapy massage, and decompression to aid in pain relief and promote healing
  • Core strengthening techniques to provide spinal support
  • Manual muscle therapy techniques
  • Physio step to mimic walking, which is safer than a treadmill
  • And more

Not only do we provide world-class physical therapy, but our team works with you to find out what in your lifestyle is causing your pain. We work with you based on your actual lifestyle movement patterns and will show you how to work and play without causing yourself pain. For instance, how to sit at your computer correctly, how to lift correctly, how to care for your baby or loved one, the best sleeping positions, proper sports biomechanics, etc.

Whether it’s getting back to work, taking care of your kids, getting back to sports and recreation, or simply being pain-free, it’s our mission to get you back to your life.

Choose Dr. Jordan Mastronardi for Physical Therapy

Dr. Jordan Mastronardi has decades of experience providing quality physical therapy care to patients. Having worked in everything from post-surgical, stroke rehab, wound care, and with different age groups and demographics, Dr. Mastronardi is well-versed in several physical therapy techniques. He looks at each patient holistically and determines the best treatment plan for you.

Align Your Spine has a well-trained team who works with you to get your body moving again and get you out of pain, allowing you to enjoy life again as quickly as possible. Our office has years of experience working with athletes, weekend warriors, and everyday people to treat a variety of neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee, and other issues.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Stop suffering with pain—get the physical therapy you need by scheduling an appointment. Many times, we can get you in the same day. We offer a free consultation to determine if what we do can help you. Choose Align Your Spine for your physical therapy and see why we are Coconut Creek’s first choice for premium chiropractic care.

You can call our office at (954) 481-2828 to book an appointment directly, or to ask our team any questions you may have.